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Meet the Team

Meet your Team of BLITZ coaches!! And what a team they are!!

All at the top of their game within the industry they are here to motivate you, inspire you and bring out the best in you, in every session. They are passionate, driven and most importantly are on a mission to inspire others in their own unique way. I can’t wait for you to experience their sessions and for you to connect with them throughout your BLITZ journey!

Sammy Harper


Sammy Harper

Personal Trainer
& Founder

Hi, I’m Sammy. I created BLITZ by Harper at start of lockdown during a time when life had been turned on its head and upside down for many. The idea of BLITZ By Harper was to bring my incredible workouts to your home via Zoom, allowing you all access to a gym class of quality and thoroughly thought through workouts, bringing the class to you! I have worked in this wonderful industry now for several years and I am really beginning to forge a name for myself in regards to keeping my workouts uplifting and full of energy.

I will put you through your paces, i will drive you and I will push you to be the best you can be. I will be virtually by your side every step (and every burpee) of the way. My passion for this incredible industry and my passion for people is utterly infectious, and once combined is a HUGE recipe for success. The Lockdown Blitz is about community and it's about you. Become part of the team, after all WE ARE BLITZ By Harper!

Sammy created the BLITZ by Harper with four pillars in mind; FITNESS. MIND. COMMUNITY. FUN. These are the cornerstones and something every BLITZ class represents. It is more than just a workout programme, it's a community, it's working out for the body AND the mind.

"Be fearless in the pursuit if what sets your soul on fire”.

Sammy Harper


Andy Cannon

BLITZ Running Coach

Yes gang, what’s going on! My name is Andy (my pals call me AC!) and I am
GASSED to be a part of the Blitz By Harper crew!

I will be your go-to for all things running and I will providing you with a structured audio run program every week.

I’m a London based PT/Fitness Instructor/Donut lover and running is a hobby and most importantly a PASSION of mine. Let’s make some noise and have some fun.

“A little self belief will get you a long way”

Sammy Harper


Danny Gates

BLITZ Technique & Nutrition Coach

S’ apnin, my name is Danny (Gatesy if your good), born & bred Londoner from the red half of London. I’ll be taking you back to basics by focusing on your technique. This will help you move correctly in a safe manor and will build a starting block for the more complex movements.

I’m a master trainer at one of London’s leading boutique studios, a CrossFit level 1 coach and Brand Ambassador at Nike. A proud husband, dad of 2, burger lover and Arsenal fanatic.

Sammy Harper


Rebecca Harris

BLITZ Yoga Instructor

I discovered yoga in 2013, after years of strength and conditioning training left me wishing I could touch my toes. Through a consistent practice of yoga and meditation, I found the freedom to move in a way I didn’t think was possible.

Along with improving flexibility, I’ve gained strength, balance and connection, on and off my mat. Yoga gives me stillness in everyday life, keeps me calm under pressure and allows me to be open and vulnerable.

It’s a practice I love and through my teaching, I strive to make it approachable for everyone.

William Brown


William Brown

BLITZ Mindful Coach

Sup Team, my name’s Will and I’m looking forward to joining you for your Mindful Monday Morning Energisers! Also I will be helping to guild you through some mindfulness, some chilled wind downs and even some evening mobility coming soon!

I’ll be your go to on the mental health and mindset side of our wellbeing, so feel free to shoot me any questions.

Some of you may have already heard me from the Freeco podcast but I’ve been a PT and fitness coach for close to 12 years now, mainly in London, but currently riding out the lockdowns in Singapore! I love seeing all your hard work being smashed out so far, and it’s inspiring to see such a hard working crew adapting and overcoming in these times!

Favourite quote: You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf 🏄‍♂️😁

William Brown


Sarah Fowkes

BLITZ Boxing Coach

My name is Sarah! I have been in the fitness game for 10 years but an athlete since I can remember. I teach a variety of class such as spin, HIIT, strength and boxing classes.

I started boxing in my early twenties and completely fell in love with the sport and the amount of skill and dedication that the sport requires.

I became an amateur boxer in amateur boxer in 2016, that’s when I really saw the changes that boxing made to me physically and mentally.

This has now led me to help others build on their boxing skills and help others fall in love with this sport as I did.

Favourite quote: ‘Expect nothing, appreciate everything’